Custom Heights from 24 inch to 60 inch

Protect areas other then pools
  • Available in black, blue, beige, white, desert bronze, and forest green.
  • Pool Gates our industry exclusive Mono Pool Gateā„¢
  • Good for short or long term use

Styles and Colors

Fences for pets and children, starting at a height of 24″ to as tall as 60″.

Protect areas other then pools

Children and pets are an important part of many families, and certainly we recognize the importance of keeping your children and pets safe from any potential incidents with your pool or ponds. Children and pets often cannot distinguish where the steps are for the pool in order to get out after they have gotten into the pool. This lack of orientation results in a panic attack for your children and pet, and all too often it ends in a tragedy. The statistics on children and pet drowning is very high due to the fact that animals continuously attempt to get out from any side of the pool or pond and without the steps they exhaust themselves. A pool safety fence prevents your child or pets (extended family members) from gaining access to the pool and thus eliminating this as a possibility.

Pet Fence

Many homeowners that have pets do not have children or grandchildren, therefore, they want a fence designed to fit their needs. Pool Guard offers custom pool safety fences for pets, starting at a height of 24″ (for smaller pets) to as tall as 60″ (larger pets). Some pet owners have dogs that are excellent swimmers, but don’t want the pet in the pool due to hair clogging the skimmer, concerned of a potential drowning or other hygiene issues . A swimming pool safety fence will prevent all of these problems. A Pool Guard swimming pool safety fence is strong enough to keep even large breeds of dogs safely away from the swimming pool. A swimming pool safety fence is essential when there is a handicapped (partial visual impairment, mobility issues etc.) animal with access to the pool. Pool fences can be installed to keep visually impaired dogs and cats safe in the pool area. Furthermore, many pet breeders insist on a swimming pool safety fence to keep litters of curious and frisky puppies out of the water. Protect your pets, as well as your children, by installing a pet safety fence around pools in homes where pets reside.

Pool Guard of Delaware is proud to offer and install top quality Removable Swimming Pool Fences, Automatic Pool Covers, Pool Safety Nets, Spa Covers, Manual Pool Covers, Winter Storage Covers and self closing, lockable Pool Safety Gates at affordable prices. We service all of Delaware , Surround Areas and Surrounding Areas. We understand your need to protect your family and friends from the dangers of pool drowning. By choosing Pool Guard products you are ensured that you have made the right choice in quality, safety and protection. Pool Guard of Delaware is a family-owned business with over 17 years of experience in the pool industry. Our fences are manufactured from start to finish with the highest quality products and Pool Guard is, therefore, proud to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all pool fences and self closing, lockable pool safety gates. Pool Guard products are ASTM Certified and Garwood Laboratories Certified. Our Pool Cover Specialist Automatic pool covers come with a 15-year warranty.

Limited Lifetime Warranty